Statement of Belief

The following statements are based on and subservient to the Christian Scriptures, the Basis of Union of the Uniting Church in Australia and the Apostles and Nicene Creeds.

We believe…

  1. We believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  2. We believe God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is the creator
  3. We believe human beings are created in the image of God
  4. We believe the essence of sin is rejection of and rebellion against God
  5. We believe this sin resulted in a broken relationship with God, each other and creation (Gen 3: 8-24); and is further reflected in a broken world and in idolatry, immorality, dishonesty, greed, injustice, abuse (self, others and creation), selfishness and the like
  6. We believe in the Centrality of Jesus Christ:
    a. Fully God, fully human
    b. Lived a life of perfect obedience
    c. Died for our sin
    d. Was physically resurrected
    e. Will come again as the judge of all
  7. We believe in the resurrection of the dead and the gift of eternal life through Christ
  8. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives and indeed the whole of creation
  9. We believe we are saved by God’s grace through faith in Christ alone
  10. We believe the bible, including the Old and New Testaments, is inspired by God. Our faith, teaching and lives are nourished and regulated by the truth of the biblical witness.
  11. We believe the bible (the word of God) points beyond itself to Jesus Christ (the Word of God) on whom alone our faith, hope and salvation rests
  12. We believe our purpose in life is to love God fully and to love others as Christ has loved us and so participate in building God’s Kingdom of love, peace and justice
  13. We believe we are called to be witnesses of Jesus Christ in word and action, in the power of the Holy Spirit
  14. We believe we are called to turn away from sin (see 4&5 above) and to grow in Christ-like character exemplified in the fruit of the Spirit
  15. We believe we are called to celibacy in singleness and loving faithfulness between a man and woman in marriage
  16. We believe that through faith in Christ we are united with all other believers in Christ’s Body – the Church – and that this finds expression through our participation in a local church
  17. We believe we are called to unity within the local church and throughout the whole Christian Church
  18. We believe all believers (regardless of age, gender, social standing or culture) are gifted by the Holy Spirit and all gifts lead to service that builds God’s kingdom
  19. We believe Christ gave us two sacraments – baptism and the Lord’s supper – both of which remind us of and connect us with Christ’s death and resurrection
  20. We believe prayer is communicating with God (listening and speaking) and a means by which God connects us with and includes us in His will and purpose